Gov. Scott Unable to Contact $10K Grant Recipients Due to Poor Cell Signal

BERLIN – Vermont made the news last year when Governor Phil Scott announced a $10K grant to out-of-state residents who might be willing to move to the state and work remotely. The plan hit a snag this week when Gov. Scott was unable to get in touch with any of the newly chosen grant recipients thanks to poor reception on his cell phone.

The governor was in Berlin before an event when he attempted to use his AT&T phone to make the calls, but was unable to get a signal, despite the carrier’s assurances that the area was fully covered. He then borrowed a Verizon phone from an associate, but was still unable to pick up a signal. Finally, after a bit of frantic searching, Gov. Scott was able to procure a T-Mobile phone, which only laughed heartily when it was asked to make a call.

When asked if these experiences might in some way be a deterrent to the grant winners’ plans to work remotely from the state, the governor’s team indicated that it would not be an issue.

“Honestly, I don’t think any of them are going to find out about this,” said one staffer. “How would they know? There seems to be no way for communication or data to leave or enter the state. I think we’re good.”

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