2nd Largest Pot Dealer in Burlington Unfriends All Seven Days Employees

BURLINGTON- Several employees of local newspaper Seven Days  were surprised to discover this morning that they had been unfriended and unfollowed by Burlington’s second largest pot dealer. The paper had just published an article about the largest head shop in the city, leading to a raid on the property, and the elimination of illegal drug activity at that location.

“I actually got a really sweet note from him on Facebook, thanking me for the article,“ said reporter Paul Heintz, “and then he just deleted me and blocked me from all of his accounts. It’s too bad. Nice guy. Not sure where I’m going to get my pot now.”

Heintz was not the only person employed by the paper to be deleted and blocked by their former bud. At least six others connected to the publication were also similarly distanced.

“Obviously I feel bad If he’s upset,” Heintz said, “but he needs to understand that this is my job, and the readership for that article was exceptionally high.”

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