Bennington Middle Schoolers in Search of Investors for Start-Up

BENNINGTON – A group of five 7th and 8th graders from Bennington, VT has created a GoFundMe campaign in hopes of raising $200 to finance a new business idea.

“I really think our model is air-tight,” said Olive, one of the eighth graders in the group. “We already have multiple clients who’ve said they want to purchase our product when it’s ready in March.”

The idea, which was proposed by the entrepreneurs to potential parental investors prior to their searching elsewhere for funds, was described by Mason, a 7th grader, as “really quite simple. Jackson thought of it yesterday. With it being winter and all, if we spend the money raised now on apple cider and leave it outside to freeze for the next two months, we’ll have a ton of hard cider to sell in March and April!”

According to Selena, the director of sales for the LLC; “the number of pre-orders from other students at Mt. Anthony middle is off the charts. We’ve even received some from the Village School in North Bennington.” 

The group said that production can begin as soon as they are able to muster a sizable capital injection for winter-proof bottles and the liquid cider. 

Image Credits: Drew Zuckerman.

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