Vermont White Supremacists Deface Tanning Salon in South Burlington

SOUTH BURLINGTON – Following the defacement of several buildings, including Ohavi Zedek Synagogue and the Pride Center of Vermont, a new target has been vandalized this morning. Body Le Bronze tanning salon on Williston Road in South Burlington has been covered with stickers reading “White is Right” and “Ban Tans,” as well as some stickers that read “Olay – Love the Skin You’re In” but with the “Olay” logo crossed out in blue sharpie.

“Obviously this is very concerning,” said South Burlington police chief Shawn Burke. “Our fear is that this hate group is running out of targets, and we have no idea where they are going to strike next. For now we’re posting officers around any hair salons that dye hair darker colors, as well as clothing store that sell dark clothing, but we really aren’t sure of their future plans.”

A public message board on the hate group’s website seemed to confirm Burke’s worries, as members openly complained about the lack of non-white people to harass. The following are a sample of some of the posts on the site:

Tried to threaten and intimidate some people in Swanton today, but couldn’t find any non-whites. 🙁

Not trying to start something, but just wondering if maybe we should switch positions and maybe support more refugees coming into VT? I’m running out of people to dump on. Legit considered yelling slurs at a bear yesterday, lol

Should we rethink writing with white paint and white ink? I feel like it’s
harder to see on white sheets and white paper?

Anybody know of a place in southern VT where I can find some immigrants to mess with? All the a$$holes around here look like me.

Police say they are investigating the website, and are taking all threats seriously.

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