Married Couples Push For Holiday to Celebrate Their Kind of Non-Romantic Love

ESSEX – A group of married couples in Essex is trying to create momentum for a new holiday in addition to Valentine’s Day that would celebrate the special love between spouses. What started as a Facebook group has now gone semi-viral in Vermont as dozens of couples are joining each day in the quest to make the proposed “Val-Long-Times Day” a thing.

“Honestly, we’re sick of seeing all of this bulls*** in the media about ‘true love’ and how to celebrate it,” said group founder Sia Nickles. “Giggling and making poor decisions is not true love. Cleaning the bathroom after your partner just took a huge dump? That’s love. Why don’t we celebrate that?”

“I loved the idea as soon as I heard about it,” said recent group member Ben Wagon. “I was talking to my wife about it, because we had just said the other day, ‘why isn’t there a “Tolerating Your Partner’s Crap” day?’ Love isn’t candy and roses, it’s dealing with your in-laws for decades on end without killing any of them. That kind of love is the strongest kind of love there is. So I’m glad that we’re going to start celebrating it.”

Hallmark did not return our calls regarding this potential new holiday, but one source inside the company confirmed that “Hallmark is always looking for new holidays to make up.”