AirBnB Guest Confused about January Weather in Vermont

Alburgh – The increasing number of AirBnB owners across Vermont know that visitors come in all types—and hope that they don’t do any serious damage to their place—but Francine Aubergiste of Alburgh wrote The Winooski about a first-time experience she had with a guest from Kentucky this winter. “I have my cabin along Lake Champlain posted in AirBnB throughout the year, but I don’t have many guests during the winter, seeing as, well, it’s really cold and you can hardly get to the cabin through the snowdrifts, especially this year. So I drop the price to $40/day, compared to $250/day in the summertime.

“Well, this guy, Tom S. Bocksarox from Louisville booked a full week in my cabin during late January. I was thrilled, but I didn’t want to have a disappointed guest, so I messaged him, ‘You know what the weather is like here now, right?’ He answered, ‘I sure do!’ so I thought he would be all set.”

Francine was a bit surprised when Tom arrived in shorts and a t-shirt, holding some fishing gear and a beach towel. “He was shivering pretty bad, but he kept looking at his phone and then at my place and just shaking his head. I invited him in out of the cold, and he seemed pretty upset.

“I asked him what was wrong, and he said, ‘Ma’am, this is not at all what I was expecting.’ I reminded him that I had asked him if he knew what the weather was like, and he agreed that I had. ‘I was checking on the weather every day for a week, and it was always the same: really warm and sunny,’ he told me. I told him it had been snowing every day this past week, with some blasts of arctic air mixed in and then I asked him what he was looking at to find out about the weather here.

“Finally, he shows me his phone and on it is a picture of my house on a lovely summer day with a nice view of the lake in the background. I asked him where he found that, and he said, ‘Google Street View.’ After a bit of explaining, he smacks the side of his head and says, ‘That’s why it looked sunny even at nighttime!!’

“In spite of the weather, Tom borrowed some sweaters and stayed for a couple of days in the cabin because he felt bad about all of the shoveling I had done.”

The Winooski contacted Tom about his trip, and he let us know that he made it home safely and that the blue color is almost gone from most of his extremities. “I really enjoyed Vermont and meeting Francine, in spite of the mixup about the weather. I learned something important, too. Next time I need information like that, I’m not using Google. I’m using Apple Maps instead!”

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