Burlington Police Chief Replaces All Lieutenants With Actors From New York

BURLINGTON – When Burlington Police Deputy Chief Shawn Burke left to run South Burlington’s police department, many were skeptical about the decision to hire a former actor and NYPD cop to replace him. But new Deputy Chief Jon Murad has so impressed Chief of Police Brandon del Pozo that he has decided to replace all of the other supervisors with New York City actors as well.

The city’s three Area Lieutenants will be replaced by Jerry Seinfeld, Matthew Broderick, and Sarah Jessica Parker, all of whom had been looking for new projects and have seen many cop shows on television. Administrative Sergeant Justin Couture will be reassigned, as his position will now be filled by Dodgeball actor Justin Long, once he finishes his role in the off-Broadway show Do You Feel Anger? which opens in March.

Detective Services Bureau James Trieb will reportedly be demoted to make room for Kevin Bacon to take over the role. Bacon has had recent experience working both as a sheriff and as an FBI agent, among other police-related roles.

Finally, Ethan Slater, Tony-nominated star of Spongebob The Musical on Broadway, will take over for Jason Lawson as Downtown Lieutenant, promising to bring more wacky hijinks and physical comedy to the force.

“I couldn’t be happier with our newest recruits,” del Pozo told The Winooski. “Jon has worked out so well, I don’t think anyone in the department minded at all that we went outside our own pool of officers to fill that position. And now that we’ve seen the difference having an actor with an interest in police work can make in a high-ranking role, it only made sense to shuffle things around a little so we could bring in some fresh faces.”

Del Pozo indicated that he had no intention of replacing himself with a New York-based actor, but that if he did he would probably choose Hugh Jackman due to what del Pozo called their “strikingly similar physical characteristics.”

Image Credits: VTDigger.

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