All Burlington Streets to Go “Green” by May 1st

“I am absolutely thrilled!” Mayor Miro Weinberger could not contain his excitement over the recent decision of Burlington’s newly elected City Council. With five Progressives and two Independents, the council is poised to make significant changes.

Their first major issue was the large concrete plant holders and flexible white pillars installed last year on select city streets – these will be installed on all Burlington streets with their accompanying “Neighborhood Greenway” signs. Progressive Jack Hanson (East District) told The Winooski installation would be complete by May 1, “in time for Green-Up Day.”

“These planters and pillars have generated a lot of excitement around town,” said Councilman Adam Roof, Independent representing Ward 8. Ward 2 Progressive Councilman Max Tracy chimed in: “I bet four out of five emails, calls or tweets I receive are people wanting to talk about them.” Tracy lives just around the corner from one of the planter/pillar installations.

The only explicitly negative feedback has been from the Department of Public Works. “Snow plowing around those f#%*ing oversized concrete monstrosities is a real pain in the you know where,” said Rip Emapart, longtime Burlington snowplow driver. When Councilman Hanson was asked about the inconvenience for snow plowing, he responded: “All of Burlington is going to be designated a ‘Green Way.’ We anticipate driving in the city is going to become so inconvenient that by next winter we won’t need to plow the roads. No one will be driving on them.”

With the anticipated money saved from plowing, the City Council is considering putting the funds toward beginning construction on the Southern Connector. “It’s a win-win situation,” said the mayor.

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