Vermonters Would Support $10K Moving Incentive If a 100% Tax Were Added On

MONTPELIER – As reports come in that Vermont residents are unhappy with Governor Scott’s program that offer’s a $10,000 incentive for anyone willing to relocate to the green mountain state, a new study has found that there is a way that Vermonters would support the initiative. Instead of asking only whether or not people support the program, a new survey by The Winooski has also asked what it would take to move folks from “strongly disapprove” to at least “no opinion.”

While some respondents indicated that there would be no way they would ever support the $10K giveaway to new residents, over 87% said that they would support the program if the money offered was taxed at 100% or greater.

“I would definitely support a large tax on that money, at least 100% if not higher, and then maybe that new income could go towards our underfunded schools,” said elementary school teacher Anita Braygh.

“Actually, that’s a pretty good idea,” said Sal Finters, a homeless man who agreed to take the survey for a dollar. “What if we let those new ***faces in, took their money back, and then gave it away to people, like anyone who did this survey? That sounds fair to me.”

While each respondent had a different thought on how to spend the new revenue that would be created by taking back money we had just given out, most agreed that it would be hilarious to trick out-of-staters into moving here and then taking their money. Governor Scott was unavailable to comment on this potential change to the program, but we’ll keep bugging him and hopefully he’ll have something to say soon.

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