Lost Hikers Forget Which Side of the Tree Snow Grows On

PITTSFIELD – Two hikers were found with no injuries yesterday afternoon after being lost for several hours. The two UVM students had planned a short hike on the Green Mountain Trails in Pittsfield, VT, but soon wandered off the path and were unable to find their way back.

“At first we were worried,” said rescued hiker Jack Cartier. “But then it actually started to flurry a bit, and I remembered that you can always tell north by where the snow grows out of the trees. Except then I realized I totally forgot which side that is.”

“I was pretty sure it was north,” said Cartier’s companion, Giovanna Verrazzano, “but he said that that was moss, and snow grew on the east side, and we basically just argued about it until the ranger, or whoever, showed up.”

Both students are fully recovered and back in class today. Hopefully an ecology class of some sort.