Party-goers Unsure Whether Pot Cookies Are Gluten Free

BURLINGTON – A small gathering of friends was thrown into chaos this weekend, as party-goers spent a few uncertain moments trying to figure out whether or not the pot cookies contained gluten. The woman who baked the cookies was in the bathroom, and the cookies were only labeled with a green marijuana leaf symbol.

“It was really stressful,” said the party’s host. “Some of my guests had gluten sensitivities, but they wanted some of those cookies.”

Everything returned to normal when the woman returned from the bathroom and announced that, of course, the pot cookies were gluten free.

“Oh gosh, I’m embarrassed that people would even think I would bring pot cookies that had gluten,” said the woman. “What do they think of me? Who would ever bring anything to a party that contained gluten, sugar, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, soy, or eggs? I’m not a monster!”

A lab test later revealed the cookies to be 87% marijuana.

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