New Dictionary For Vermonters Omits the Letter “T”

ORLEANS – If you’ve ever failed a Vermont spelling test because you couldn’t figure out the correct letters in “Snallbins,” you may just find redemption in the new “Vermon’ Di’sionary” published by Radiant Hen Publishing. This new comprehensive book aims to align spelling with speech, so as to facilitate learning and help spread Vermont culture.

“One of our missions here a’ Radian’ Hen is raisin’ awareness abou’ Vermon’ an’ i”s cul’shure,” said Tanya Sousa, who is hoping this book will bring about new life for the publishing company, which closed its doors in 2017. “We’ve been ou’ o’ business for a coupla years, bu’ we’re hopin’ 2019 will be our big comeback af’er people see how impor’an’ havin’ a regional di’shionary can be.”

Sousa is planning to pitch the book to local schools, as well as anthropologists and linguists, although she says she thinks the book will appeal to regular Vermonters as well.

“Aren’ you sick o’ sayin’ you’re from Coven’ry and spellin’ your address wi’ a ‘t’ when you know you didn’ say a ‘t’ or no’hin’? Dri’es me crazy. Prolly dri’es errybo’y else crazy same as me I be’cha.”

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