Vermont Protesters Hoping to Attract Bigger Names to Kick Out of the State

ESSEX JUNCTION – Vermont’s protester population, one of the largest per capita in the nation, is looking to draw some bigger names to the state so they can protest them. The group has seen some significant movement recently, as several offensive out-of-staters visited the area. Last week they were able to bring in former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to shout at, and the week before saw the arrival and protest of conservative preacher Franklin Graham.

One protest organizer says they are running out of Vermonters to protest against, and are excited about the possibilities of bring in national headliners to picket.

“It was so nice to see the community response against Walker and Graham,” said movement leader Khan Treri. “We’ve hated everything they stand for for years, but never had the chance to tell them in person. Wisconsin is kind of a long haul, you can’t just go out there every time he says or does something terrible. You’d never be home!”

Treri says that having despicable people come to Vermont is much easier than organizing group trips to other other state’s protests. “There’s one Franklin Graham and hundreds of us, so doesn’t it make more sense to bring him here for the rally against him and his brand?”

Other people Treri hopes to bring into the state for the purposes of telling them they are not welcome include Brett Kavanaugh, Mitch McConnell, and Wayne LaPierre.

“Obviously Trump is the big one, our great orange whale, but he won’t come,” Treri says. “So we’re working on getting Putin here to rally against. You know, kind of like bait.” According to the receptionist at the Kremlin, Putin has no current plans to visit Vermont.

Image Credits: WCAX/Seven Days.

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