Vermont Driving Instructor Fired For Teaching Students To Dim High Beams

SAINT ALBANS – A Local driving instructor was fired recently over allegations he told students they are required to dim their vehicle’s high beams when within 500 feet of oncoming traffic or when following within 300 feet of a vehicle in front of them. “I didn’t realize it wasn’t a law,” said former AAA Aardvark Driving School instructor John Stewart. “I mean, I think it’s a law in almost every other state. How is it not one here?”

“Stewart was correct in stating that you are required to dim your high beams in every other state, with the exception of Hawaii,” said AAA Aardvark Driving School owner William Wills. “But he was hired to teach the actual driving laws Vermont has put in place to keep our road safe, not the laws he thinks should be in place. Ignorance is not an excuse.”

Though Vermont’s driving laws have been updated over the years, the state has chosen to leave high beam usage to the discretion of its drivers. When asked, DMV spokesperson Horace Eaton said Vermont legislators are aware of the safety concerns related to having a bright light shined in a driver’s face at close range at night but they believe that having strict rules governing high beam usage would not be able to accommodate the state’s common driving etiquette. “We don’t want a person distracted by trying to put down their drink or cell phone just to turn off their high beams for a few seconds” said Eaton, “And sometimes, I just forget I have my high beams on. Are you going to arrest me for that?”

Stewart has since relocated to New Hampshire where he continues to teach driver training courses. “They may be our crazy conservative uncle but at least they have the decency to pass a high beam law.”

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