F-35 Protesters Mistakenly Send Out Ad For Festival Of Fools Event

BURLINGTON – In a confusing bit of wire crossing, the organizers for the latest protest against the destructively loud F-35 jets have mistakenly sent out an advertisement for this weekend’s Festival of Fools in an e-mail labeled as being for a political demonstration. Beau and Zoe, no last names given, are responsible for both the protest and the festival mailing lists, which is how the mix-up came to happen.

The e-mail which was sent to many Chittenden County residents had a subject that read “A Demonstration Against the F-35” and was also posted to Front Porch Forum. When readers opened the message however, they saw what was clearly an event for the Festival of Fools. Protesters were promised free face painting, asked to dress in outlandish costumes, and were promised music and a puppet show.

“Obviously this is embarrassing,” said either Beau or Zoe when they were contacted by one of our reporters, we can’t remember which one. “We got our own clown show confused with the one that our local governments are involved in. But I think it will work out. If people want to come protest dressed in weird costumes and singing loud songs, we’re okay with it. Just be aware that I will definitely be dressed in my normal everyday sunflower outfit.”

Both the Festival of Fools and the Protest of Planes will take place this weekend, one in downtown Burlington and the other at the corner of Airport Drive and Patrick Street in South Burlington. Attendees are advised to use caution, as the two events may be indistinguishable.