Vermont, Wisconsin Governors Embark on National Campaign to Promote Lactose Tolerance

MADISON, WI – Although no longer governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker’s legacy will live on through a program he secretly developed with Vermont Governor Phil Scott to promote lactose tolerance. Gov. Scott will now join with current Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers to launch a national campaign designed to increase dairy’s Q-Rating among Americans ages 18-25.

“I’m so pleased that Governor Evers was willing to join me on this campaign,” Gov. Scott told press earlier this week at the kickoff for the project. “When Gov. Walker and I first came up with this idea, I had no idea if it would last beyond our terms, but I think the time is right for inclusive, accepting ideas to take hold in the world of dairy. I’m disappointed that our fantastic name of ‘Scott and Scott’s Dairy Spots’ won’t be used, but ‘Scott and Evers’ Dairy Endeavors’ is almost as good.”

The two state leaders say they are tired of hearing about lactose intolerance from their constituents, and are hoping to create awareness of just how important lactose is to everyday Americans. Posters were unveiled with slogans such as ‘Grate-itude’ written over a cheese grater, and ‘Cow you doin’?’ featuring actor Matt LeBlanc apparently talking to a glass of milk that he appears to be on a date with.

“It’s time for lactose intolerance to end,” said Gov. Evers. “Sure, ten years ago it was more accepted, but it was wrong then, and it’s wrong now. The time to speak out against intolerance of all kinds is here. From now on, when someone tells me they are lactose intolerant, I’m not going to rest until I’ve changed their mind.”

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