Controversial Aunt Jemima Creemees No Longer Available

RICHMOND – Jim Eyma, owner of “The Steemee Creemee” in Richmond, will no longer be making his controversial “Aunt Jemima Creemees.” The flavor, which he sold to creemee stands in Burlington, South Hero, Charlotte, and Addison, was very popular with out-of-state tourists, but caused a backlash from locals who felt that his flavor was sacrilegious.

“More like sacrelicious!” Eyma said, before sighing and turning back to his kitchen. “You know, a lot of people prefer Aunt Jemima to pure maple syrup, and I was just trying to cater to what customers, especially people visiting from down south, wanted to buy. But after the death threats and the vandalism, well, I figured it was time to call it quits on that particular flavor.”

Eyma reports friends and family members giving him the cold shoulder, and several events that he felt he would have otherwise been asked to cater went to other dessert makers.

“Yup, we heard about his troubles,” said Richmond police chief May Palover. “A damn shame we couldn’t do anything about it. A real damn shame. Heard he’s gonna stop making those unholy abominations though, so the news ain’t all bad, ya ask me.”

When Eyma’s current supply runs out, he says that will be it. “I’m not making any more, so if anybody wants one, come on down. The season’s pretty much over at this point, so after Sunday we’re shutting down until the weather warms up to over 50, probably in June.”

Image Credits: afagen.

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