Blocked Artery Causes Campaign Woes For Vermont Politician

BURLINGTON – Despite strong support from his base, a blocked artery is leading many to question the electability of one Vermont politician this week. After repeated fender-benders, near-misses, and huge traffic slowdowns at the intersection of Maple St. and St. Paul St., Burlington mayor Miro Weinberger is now facing increased public scrutiny over the “Great Streets Initiative” currently being implemented in the state’s largest city.

Weinberger was elected to a third term in 2018, but with the mayoral election coming up in 2021, just over two years away, campaigns are already underway. Supporters now worry that this blocked downtown artery may pose a problem for his upcoming re-election bid.

“Look, Miro’s as strong and as smart as he’s ever been,” said campaign staffer Nariz Brown. “He’s going to bounce right back from this. One little blocked artery is not going to sideline any politician, that’s for sure.”

Other voters in the Queen City aren’t so sure.

“First they came for City Hall Park, which isn’t really even a street you know, so that doesn’t make sense,” said Burlington resident Skip D’Cissom. “I thought this was a great streets thing. Not a great parks thing. And the street isn’t that great! I can barely get my car through! It’s a mess! The street’s like 90% curb now. It’s totally blocked! Kinda wish I’d voted for Carina Driscoll now.”

Former Burlington Mayor Bernie Sanders was unavailable for comment.

Time will tell if this blocked artery is going to be a campaign-killer or, just another non-issue that will be forgotten by voters by the time the election rolls around in the distant future. But for now, all eyes are on this Vermont politician to see how well he recovers, and where he goes from here.

Image Credits: WCAX.

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