Receptionist Tired of Explaining That They Are Not That Kind of Dealer

BURLINGTON – Most people in the state know for its innovative automotive web designs and high-profile business footprint in the tech industry. But according to one receptionist at the Burlington-based company, not everyone has gotten that message.

“I just think maybe they could have chosen a different name for a business based in Vermont,” says professional stranger-greeter Karri Webb. “I mean, I get it. Dealer. Car dealer. It makes some sort of sense I guess, but seriously, we get so many walk-ins, and they aren’t looking for cars.”

While the smell of marijuana can easily be detected on many of the employees, state regulations prohibit the sale of the controlled substance, leaving Webb to deal with the confusion. She says she gets anywhere between 3-12 people a day looking for illicit drugs at the web design and administration hub.

“Oh I could make some sweet bank, I’m telling you,” says Webb. “And not just pot either, people come here looking for all sort of things. In fact, if I didn’t already have this job, I might think about creating a new start-up in the parking lot, you know what I’m saying?”

Leadership at say that they are aware of the issue, and that it does not significantly interfere with their ability to conduct business.

“No, not their ability, no. But they should try answering the phones once in a while. Let them refer people to the CBD shops for a change.”