Vermont Man Accidentally Writes Civil Comment Online

GUILFORD – The internet was shocked this week when a Vermont man composed a polite and civil response to an article online with which he disagreed. Vermont is known for having the largest percentage of toxic online trolls in the nation, and most articles posted locally are quickly overwhelmed with vile slurs, uninformed name-calling, and aggressive profanity. Hugh Jidyit, of Guilford, VT, normally responds to ideas or sites that he doesn’t enjoy with creative vitriol, but this week he mistakenly left out all of the incivility when writing a comment on an article about public transportation.

“Honestly, I’m not sure what was going on there,” Jidyit said. “I must’ve been tired or something. I know how important it is for me to denigrate anyone I don’t agree with online, or else they might get away with liking other things than I do, but I just slipped up this time. I feel terrible about it.”

Other commenters on the article in question admit to being confused when they saw Jidyit’s comment, leaving many of them to question whether he was actually from Vermont at all. Some didn’t know how to respond, while one commenter who worked with Jidyit at a previous job messaged him to make sure that everything was all right.

“It freaked me out,” says commenter @mapleforkingenius. “I knew Hugh back in the day, and people were saying stuff like he wasn’t even a Vermonter after he wrote that reply and didn’t call nobody no names or nothing. We got a kind of code here, you know? Act real polite to people’s faces and then blast the f*** out of ’em online, and Hugh just totally missed the ball on this one. But I talked to him. He’s okay. I think maybe autocorrect took out some of what he wrote probably?”

After laying low online for a few days, Jidyit is back on the internet, leaving scathing reviews of local restaurants and politicians and insulting as many people as he can. He says he hopes people can overlook his slip-up and go back to being treated poorly by him without any hard feelings.