NBC Lawsuit Claims Burlington’s CityPlace Storyline Too Similar to “Parks & Recreation” Pit Storyline

NEW YORK, NY – The city of Burlington will be going to court next year to defend themselves against a lawsuit from the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) which claims that the development of CityPlace too closely mirrors their “Pit” storyline developed for their popular sitcom “Parks and Recreation.” A judge has agreed to hear the case after reviewing the details of both plots and confirming that many of the details are similar.

“We’re not worried,” Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger told press when asked about the lawsuit. “There are more differences than similarities. For one thing, their story takes place in Indiana. Our pit is in Vermont. Those states are nowhere near each other! I have confidence that the case will be thrown out immediately, and if it isn’t, we’re pretty good at stalling things for years. Again, we’re not worried.”

According to the documents filed with the suit, NBC is citing the gaping pit, failed development, bureaucratic ineptitude, multiple false starts, outside contractors, and obnoxiously uninformed locals as primary examples of plagiarism, although the full brief contains over sixty direct correlations between the show that ran from 2009-2015 and the CityPlace development that began shortly after the show’s run concluded.

“How would anyone in Burlington have knowledge of a network sitcom?” Weinberger laughed. “Pop culture knowledge? I’m pretty sure we’re all above that here. Where do you think you are, SOUTH Burlington?”