Harpoon Brewery: “Screw it, we’re going to quadruple the IPAs”

WINDSOR – For connoisseurs of Vermont’s local brewers, a trip to Harpoon Brewery is going to be a must this winter with the announcement of the beer-maker’s new quadruple IPA. IPA is a hoppy style of beer with up to 7% alcohol content. Any more than 7% and it is considered a “double IPA,” although this will be the first beer to claim to be a quadruple IPA.

“This is something that no one else is doing right now,” said owner Brian Employee. “IPAs are so popular, and people are getting into double IPAs, but then it just came to me – screw it, we’re going to quadruple the IPAs.”

Harpoon’s new ‘Four on the Floor’ pale ale will feature 28% alcohol content and have touches of apple and cumin. The beer will only be available in 4-packs, and only on Wednesdays, the fourth day of the week, natch. Employee says anticipation is high for the drink, and people have been calling about pre-ordering cases.

“We don’t do pre-orders,” said Employee, who proudly sports a Harpoon shirt that says ‘Employee Owned.’ “People’re gonna have to wait in line, and we expect to sell out. We do ask that folks don’t consume their Fours on site, ’cause they won’t really be able to drive for a while afterwards.”

The ‘Four on the Floor’s will come in 4-packs of 40 oz. cans, and will be released on Wednesday, December 4th for $40 each. They are expected to sell out in under five minutes.

UPDATE: Head brewer of The Alchemist brewery in Burlington announces a quintuple IPA.