In Political Compromise, BPD Officers Will Now Be Armed With Guns That Shoot Knives

BURLINGTON – When a city council member suggested that Burlington Police stop carrying guns, Chief Brandon Del Pozo balked at the idea, suggesting that the idea would put his officers in danger. When Del Pozo himself suggested that officers not use guns in escalating situations involving knives or other sharp weapons, officers began to worry about their safety. Now, in a compromise, police in Burlington will be armed with special guns that shoot knives, making everyone much safer.

Most officers are able to draw from concealment and fire a shot in under 1.5 seconds, which still can leave them vulnerable to close-encounter physical attacks, but the time to pull out a knife for a knife duel is significantly longer, making the option to carry knives instead of guns unsafe for officers. Progressives have admitted that they would be more comfortable with knives, and officers have been unwavering in their belief that carrying guns will make them safer, leading to the new weapons that should please all sides.

The new Knife Attack Pistol (KAP) guns will have a shorter draw time of under one second, and will fire no bullets, but will instead fire 4″ blades that come in clips of 24. The blades can be fired from the KAP guns rapidly without having to re-cock the weapons, increasing officer safety.

“We had considered bayonets of course,” Del Pozo told press on Friday, “but we want to show people that we are moving into the future, and not the past. Instead of the outdated gun knives of the past, we’ll be using the knife guns of the future.”

Burlington City Council praised the move, calling it “a step in the right direction” for the city. The new weapons were approved unanimously in a special vote during Monday’s regular meeting.

“The data shows that knives are less deadly than guns,” said Perri Freeman (P-Central District), “and these new weapons will hopefully combine the safety of each separate weapon into the safest weapon the city has ever seen.”

Police will begin carrying the KAP guns starting in January. There is no data currently on the safety of the newly developed weapons, but this story will be updated as data comes in.