In Recent Poll, “Sugar on Snow” More Popular Than “Manure on Snow”

EAST HAVEN – Thanks to new exemptions for farmers, Vermonters are being treated to a new kind of wintry confection. “Manure on Snow” is being created on farms all across the state, although it has yet to gain the popularity of the other snowy dessert, “Sugar on Snow.”

Recent polls indicate that Vermonters overwhelmingly prefer Sugar on Snow, with 100% of respondents indicating that they “Loved,” “Liked,” or were “Indifferent” to maple syrup poured over fresh snow. In contrast, the responses for Manure on Snow ranged from “Do Not Like,” to “Am Currently Protesting the Government.”

While not everyone is calling their senators in opposition to Manure on Snow, it lost in a taste test to Sugar on Snow 100% of the time, and received no positive results on either taste, smell, or mouthfeel. Stocks for Manure on Snow producing farms fell dramatically after the poll results were published.

“I guess people around here aren’t into trying new things,” said East Haven farmer Stan Keye. “We had some early snow, and lot of manure, it just seemed like a good idea. But it hasn’t really worked out the way we had hoped.”

While most state residents aren’t expected to buy any Manure on Snow this season, many will still get a chance to sample some of the treat later in the spring, when it will run off into the lake, streams, and rivers.

Image Credits: VTDigger.

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