St. Albans Prepares For “Vermont’s Top Pit” Competition

ST. ALBANS – Look out Newport and Burlington! There’s a new contender for this year’s “Vermont’s Top Pit” competition. The city of St. Albans has thrown its hat into the ring for the best downtown gaping holes.

City officials say they were inspired by Burlington’s pit, which has festered for years with no signs of upcoming activity. Newport has a bigger pit, but there is a feeling that the southern pit has become a bit stale at this point. Competition judges say they may be looking for something fresh this year.

St. Albans’ pit, located across from the Welden movie theater, is certainly the most current of the pits in the state, although the construction equipment located around the area may hurt its chances. Any filling in of the pit would likely disqualify St. Albans, as the addition of new buildings over existing trash holes is not the Vermont way.

Judges have until midnight on the 31st to decide on this year’s winner. Technically, with some creative demolition, the field is wide open for other towns and cities to get in on the fun. Whether St. Albans wins or loses this year, no one can say they didn’t try to make their downtown as much of a pit as the other places on the list.