Locals Excited to Check Out Neighbors’ Recycling Bins to See What They Got for Christmas

BURLINGTON – As another Christmas season wound down eleven days too early, many Burlington residents were out on the streets this morning, checking out all of the cool stuff their neighbors received by looking through their recycling. Boxes that recently contained new televisions, iPhones, toy trucks, and other goodies were on display for all to see, until the truck came by to haul it all away.

Neighbors glanced awkwardly at each other as they passed by on the sidewalks, hoping to avoid any conversation or real, human interaction. The most uncomfortable moments came when someone would return home from gawking, only to find an acquaintance going through the bins outside their home.

“Oh, oops, sorry, wrong house,” the rummager would lie, before backing slowly away, off to find a less occupied driveway for snooping in.

“Oh, no problem Ted,” the resident would say. “I saw you got a new Instant Pot yesterday. Congrats.”

Not everyone was thrilled with having to go outside onto their neighbors’ lawns to find out what everyone else got for the holidays. One Burlington resident said that better communication between community members would make this practice obsolete.

“Seriously, this is ridiculous. We’re neighbors. Why don’t we just communicate like normal people. If they didn’t half of them have private Instagram accounts, I wouldn’t need to be out here spying on them.”

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