Winooski Wins National “Nailed It” Christmas Tree Competition

WINOOSKI – The city of Winooski, VT has won a national Christmas tree decorating competition put on by the creators of “Nailed It.” “Nailed It” is a series on Netflix in which people who are terrible at something attempt to replicate a masterful creation, usually involving baking.

The producers of the show put out a national call to see who could decorate their town’s Christmas tree the worst, and Winooski won in a landslide of judges votes and online polling. With it’s lackluster single string of lights draped poorly over a small part of the tree, America agreed that one could hardly do a worse job of decorating. The top prize comes with a check for $20,000 and a spot on the new Netflix holiday special, which will bring national recognition and fame to the city, possibly even in a good way.

The tree was designed by local artist and resident Charles Brown, who says he felt his understated design was not as terrible as many are claiming, and that it was intended as a tribute to the true spirit of Christmas. According to Brown the true spirit of Christmas is a celebration of the poor, lowly, and marginalized, and he hopes his tree captured some of the hopelessness and misery felt by many in today’s society.

The tree will remain on display at the top of the roundabout until it either falls down or is removed by angry vandals. City officials say that they expect one or both of those things to happen before the new year.

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