Dog Spends Entire Life Preparing For Home Invasion That Never Comes

ELMORE – Although it never actually happened, Moose the rottweiler spent most of his waking life on the alert for a home invasion, despite his family’s lack of expensive possessions and remote, rural location. As he prepares for retirement, Moose says that he doesn’t regret his time, and wouldn’t do anything differently if given the chance.

“Look, I know that all the strangers I encountered ultimately proved to be friendly,” Moose admitted, “but would they have been so friendly if I hadn’t properly vetted them? Maybe my aggressive barking and snarling is what kept them from coming back later when everyone was asleep. Constant vigilance.”

Every time a car would pass by the house, Moose would go on high alert. His attempts to break through the door to get at the mailman almost every single day of his life earned him accolades from other local dogs. Moose earned the “Constant Vigilance” award from the neighborhood dog association two years in a row, in 2011 and 2012, and he say he is proud of what he has accomplished.

“Not only has no one ever come near this house, but no place in the whole town has been broken into since I came on the job. My growling and snapping has kept everyone safe. And yeah, I kind of wish somebody would have tried something, just once. I would have been ready for them. I’ve been practicing. I’ve had my eye on this ‘Grandma’ person for a long time. She seems shifty.”

With his last day on the job approaching at the end of the month, Moose says he plans on enjoying his time off and letting new family member Simba fully take over.

“I’m not saying I won’t be barking, but it will be for fun now. Simba’s got this. I’ve been training him for weeks. Still hasn’t got the bark down yet, but it’s not bad, for a cat.”

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