Residents Unaffected By New Dummerston Highway Sign

DUMMERSTON – Dummerston, VT was approved by state highway officials this month for new signs to be placed along the highway. The new signage would be used to indicate the location of Dummerston Center, just a short distance from the interstate. Previously the signs have only indicated the locations of Putney or Brattleboro.

In the past, proposed signage to be posted along I-91 have been repeatedly denied on the grounds that nobody traveling on I-91 who doesn’t already know where Dummerston Center is would have any reason or desire to visit. One local resident observed, “I mean, the grange is pretty nice, but…” while making a shrugging gesture and gazing despondently at the ground.

“Demand has not been high for these signs,” said one highway official, when asked why the signs had been approved after all this time. “but we had some extra sign stuff left over at the end of the fiscal year, and we sure as hell weren’t going to make any signs for Newfane.”

Residents of Dummerston seem unaffected by the signs, although some worry it could attract unwanted attention. “Whadda people got to know where we are fer?” asked one gentleman. “If yah need ta know where ta find us, yah prolly arredy know where we are. Hope this don’t bring in the tourist crowd.”

As of this writing, the signs have not brought in the tourist crowd.