In Keeping With White House Policy, Donald Trump Denies Existence of Greta Thunberg

WASHINGTON – Per the White House policy on climate change and climate change activism, Temporary President (TP) Donald Trump denied the existence of Greta Thunberg earlier this week. Thunberg is a teen climate activist who was recently named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, or, according to the White House, an imaginary product of the corrupt liberal media.

TP Trump was asked about his rivalry with Thunberg at a press conference on Tuesday, but he denied having any knowledge of her existence.

“Who? Who is that? Honestly, I have no idea what you’re talking about,” TP Trump told a reporter just hours before that reporter’s mysterious disappearance. “Seriously, why would you ask me that? She’s a myth. I don’t think she really exists. Just another fake person made up by other fake people who are out to get me for no reason.”

The reporter produced a photo of Trump and Thunberg in the same room at the United Nations, as well as a series of tweets between the two of them, but this was dismissed out of hand as doctored evidence.

“Who are you going to believe, me, or your own eyes?” asked TP Trump. “Are your own eyes the president? Did your own eyes get way more electoral votes than Hillary Clinton in 2016? Seriously, I have no idea who was tweeting that stuff. Probably a Ukranian bot or something.”

Thunberg responded by saying that, while she wishes she could be in denial about the existence of Donald Trump, she believes that they are both real humans.

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