Vermont Astronomers Notice Mike Bloomberg Ad on Side of ISS

HINESBURG – Members of the Vermont Astronomical Society have reported seeing a Mike Bloomberg campaign advertisement plastered to the side of the International Space Station this week. The ad likely went up on Thursday, as members confirmed viewing the ISS on Thursday morning and not seeing the poster.

Senior members of Bloomberg’s campaign confirmed the ad buy, and noted that it was, so far, the most expensive publicity purchase they had made thus far.

“It kind of started a few weeks ago,” said campaign staffer Bill Leonaire, “when we told Mike that there was no place on earth left where people could go and not see or hear a Mike Bloomberg ad. And he just looked at us, real brooding like, and he says, ‘What about people who aren’t looking on earth?’ and we realized that our job wasn’t finished yet.”

The sign was initially spotted by amateur astronomer Jim Teakirk, of Essex Junction, who says he was initially horrified by the discovery, but has now come to feel some pride.

“Yeah, I was upset at first,” Teakirk says. “I was actually looking into space specifically to avoid seeing any more Mike Bloomberg ads, and then I focus in on the ISS, and I’m like, are you kidding me? But when I realized I was the first one to spot it, well, I’m kind of right up there with whoever discovered Mars and stuff. Maybe they’ll even name the ad poster after me.”

Bloomberg’s campaign says they have no intention of naming the poster after Teakirk, although privately Bloomberg himself said he would be willing to discuss selling the naming rights for an astronomical sum.

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