Citing Declining Ratings, Loss of Star, Netflix Cancels Brexit, Leaving Cliffhanger Ending Incomplete

LONDON – There has never been a more ambitious reality television project perhaps than Brexit, Netflix’s real-time, real-life documentary that asked viewers in the United Kingdom to vote by phone if they would like to leave the European Union. Unfortunately, viewers will never get the chance to find out if “Brexit” actually happens or not, as Netflix has cancelled the whole series.

Citing declining ratings, coupled with the recent hospitalization of the show’s biggest star, local stage actor Boris Johnson playing a delightful riff on US President Donald Trump, Netflix has canceled the final season’s 10 episode order.

“It just started drawing out too much,” said one producer who asked to remain anonymous. “At first it was very exciting, but then every season started to feel the same. Will they or won’t they? How many times can they ask the viewers to suspend disbelief over the levels of government incompetence? The deadlines, that they set for themselves by the way, have come and gone, and we still don’t really know anything? People have started tuning out.”

Some viewers have petitioned the media company to allow one final movie-length episode that would wrap up the various plot threads, but executives say that isn’t going to happen.

“There’s too much to wrap up at this point, and I honestly don’t think it’s possible for a satisfying conclusion for anybody. Plus they’ve really gone off the rails this past season, quarantining the entire country. Really? What does that have to do with anything? I mean, I get how it’s tied to the themes of destructive government, but the show is called Brexit. They should have wrapped that up a long time ago. It feels like we’re watching an entirely different show now, and not a good one.”

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