Republican Plans for Smaller Government Hit a Snag

MONTPELIER – State and National Republican leaders have decided to “temporarily put on hold,” plans to shrink the size of government. VT State Republican chair , Deb Billadeau spoke to reporters on a conference call recently while she was on hold, through another line, trying to get through to the unemployment benefits hotline.

“We still want smaller government” she emphasized “but that may have to wait until next month, or even next year.” She reminded reporters, “There’s never been a better time to start a business.”

“With President Trump’s leadership,” she shared, “the price of gas is down, airline tickets are great bargains and the President’s vast experience with bankruptcy will provide many Americans with sound advice.”

The Republican head of the Trump campaign in Vermont reminded reporters that bankruptcies are this president’s forte, and even a problem like the current State Colleges situation is something he has experience in.
“A few calls to Bialystok, and those properties will be 5 star hotels by the end of the year.”

Republican plans for a fundraiser featuring Grover Norquist were also on hold. He of the “we want to shrink government down to the size where we can drown it in a bathtub,” has been busy starting a new business reselling Protective medical gear to American hospitals through business contacts in mainland China.

“Business couldn’t be better, so these political pep rallies will have to wait,” Norquist reported from his Singapore branch office.

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  1. the President’s vast experience with bankruptcy will provide many Americans with sound advice

    And his vast experience with medical science has already led to some Americans defeating a corona virus infection by drinking bleach and killing themselves!

    Umm . . the above is just “sarcasm,” folks!

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