Government Asks For Help in Completing Game of Jumanji Accidentally Started Over Winter Break

PAWLET – Gov. Scott has called on the residents of Vermont to help in completing a game of Jumanji started by a brother and sister in Pawlet sometime during the last week of December. The children say they found the game near the Mettawee River and began playing a few days later when they were unable to speak to their friends due to poor cell signal in the area.

The game was reported to the authorities after the children’s mother, Mrs. Ina Teniff, spotted some of the discarded game cards on the floor of the their room. The cards had hand drawn pictures and poems depicting events such as tornadoes, wildfires, and one that read Go back two spaces if it’s sunny. If not, then everyone loses their money.”

“I guess I had seen them playing the game,” Teniff said, “but I didn’t think anything of it. It was a little odd when all the wildlife began roaming the streets, but this is Vermont. But then I saw a card that said “Better hope you washed your hands, a deadly plague is in the land,” and it literally said COVID-19 in the picture, and that card looked like it had been printed decades ago! So I asked the kids how they managed to make such a realistic looking card for the game, and they started crying and told me everything.”

The children have been unable to finish the game ever since their house was struck by lightening several times and a bear ran off with one of the pieces. Teniff said she started to play herself, in an effort to help speed up the game, but drew a “World War Three” card the morning of Kim Jong Un’s surgery.

“We’re looking for everyone in the state to step up and find that bear,” Gov. Scott told reporters. “If we can finish this board game, the quarantine will end quickly and North Korea’s leader will come out of hiding. Otherwise, we’re stuck inside forever and Kim Jong Un is definitely dead.”

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