Scott Reveals Campaign Slogan: “He’s Not a Total Idiot”

MONTPELIER – In 2016, Vermont Gov. Phil Scott rode a wave a national sentiment that found Republican males preferable to any female candidate, no matter how qualified. At that time, many Democrats in the state took comfort in the fact that Vermont’s newly-elected governor had actual government experience as a state senator and lieutenant governor, making him fully qualified for the job he was elected to, which was a refreshing difference in that election season.

The tolerance of these Democrats and other liberal-leaning Vermonters was tested in 2018, when Scott vetoed bills to provide family leave for some employees in the state and to raise the minimum wage to an amount closer to something a person could actually live on. However, in 2020, Scott has distinguished himself from his Republican colleagues by not parroting conspiracy theories about the coronavirus created by reality skeptics who were bunkered in their parents’ basements long before there was a reason to do so. His superior governing skills allowed him to restrain from announcing publicly that his supporters and constituents should consume or inject bleach or any other cleaning product. He also managed not to claim that any of his press briefing statements were made sarcastically.

Scott somehow managed not steal life-saving medical supplies from areas where the majority did not vote for him or give those supplies to his supporters. Pundits have noted that Scott has, for the most part, avoided supporting actions that might result in the death of large numbers of people, a political strategy shunned by most of his Republican colleagues.

Campaign insiders say that the slogan, “Generally not in favor of the death of large numbers of people,” was considered, but was rejected for fear of alienating the Republican base, particularly those who showed up at the Vermont Statehouse in 2018, clad in orange and objecting to that very sentiment. Also, it was a bit wordy.

The Scott campaign asserts that the 2020 slogan is one that all Vermonters can agree on, at least so far.

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