VT Amends Proposed Voter ID Law, Changes “Polls” to “Restaurants”

MONTPELIER – A proposed voter ID law that would have required Vermonters to show identification before casting a ballot has passed almost unanimously, with one major amendment; the words “polling place” have been removed and replaced with the word “restaurant.” A few other minor changes were made to the bill, to make the change more clear, including switching the words “voting” and “dining” in two separate paragraphs.

“I think this is good and important legislation,” said Gov. Scott as he signed the bill remotely from his underground bunker. “We were never going to pass a voter ID law in this state, but it was a useful framework for the new guidelines requiring restaurants to keep logs of their customers for potential contact tracing.”

No one is quite sure who had the idea to pull the bill out of mothballs and rework it to fit the current situation, but most state legislators said it was a brilliant idea, making less work for them in the long run. “I know it doesn’t seem like it, but it’s a lot of work to draft a piece of legislation,” said Timothy Briglin (Windsor-Orange-2). “I’m trying to teach my son geometry right now, I don’t have time to start from scratch on a new bill. And some of the old ones that we voted down are pretty good anyway, except for a few major sticking points.”

The bill will also allow absentee menus to be sent out to diners up to sixty days in advance, which must be mailed back to the restaurant within one week of dining.

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