Vermonters Accidentally Paint “Black Levis Matter” in Front of State House

MONTPELIER – A group of Vermonters intending to support the “Black Lives Matter” movement have mistakenly painted the words “Black Levis Matter” on State Street in Montpelier. The project was approved by Gov. Phil Scott, although he says he was unaware of the typo until the project was completed.

“In a way this actually brings attention to two issues,” Gov. Scott told press. “Of course we want people to know about our support for the Black Lives Matter folks, and all African-American people in Vermont, but this also raises awareness of dyslexia, and could help us raise funds for education, so in many ways this was a blessing in disguise. And, obviously, it’s a boon for the fashion industry. We support all Vermont businesses, and encourage people to shop for some dark colored jeans. So really, three issues here. It’s a win-win-win.”

The painters of the slogan have not been identified, but some are calling out Scott’s statement, saying that bad spelling doesn’t necessarily mean that the painters were dyslexic.

“Dyslexia is a misunderstood condition,” said Bob Dodd, a resident of Montpelier. “Just because there is a typo in a word doesn’t mean that the person who painted it is dyslexic. I think the governor needs to apologize to all Vermonters for making assumptions like that.”

“We don’t need Bob Dodd telling us what we are,” said a representative from ‘Dyslexic Vermont.’ “We think he needs to apologize for making remarks that imply that we are offended by the governor’s remarks.”

Gov. Scott said he was not offended by either of the remarks, and would work on fixing the lettering in the slogan if there was any more paint money in the budget.