Darwin Awards Website Melts Down with Overload of New Applicants

Officials at the prestigious, but one-time-only, Darwin Awards, have announced big problems with their website page that accepts applications.
The Darwin awards recognize those who have “contributed to the improvement of the human gene pool by removing themselves from it.”

Coinciding with President Trump’s recent indoor campaign rallies, and the “opening of states for public action” despite surges in Covid-19, the Darwin Awards has shared that while they anticipated an uptick of those eligibile for the awards, there was no way to anticipate the tsunami of applications. For example, there were 6,200 applications in Tulsa in one day last week, and a similar surge in Arizona later that same week.

Officials at the awards site, have considered breaking out the awards into different categories. Some categories that have been suggested are deaths occurring after the words:
“Here hold my beer and watch this.”
“Honey I just accidentally shot myself.”
“Honey I just accidentally shot my hunting partner.”

Another Super -Category which would handle most of the newest influx of applications would be the “Red Hat Brigade” Awards, also known as the “We Don’t Need No Stinking Masks” category. Officials are still debating this category however, as the awards have not previously recognized people whose stupidity put everyone else’s lives in danger.

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