VTRANS Gives Okay to Graffiti Artists

MONTPELIER – Vermont Transportation (VTRANS) official Graff Vitti says there is no problem with painting signs and pictures on bridges and street signs as long as they are not offensive. AOT Foreman Ray Mover says his workers are being equipped with body cameras and five gallon paint cans to photo and remove offensive postings. “We will try to match the original colors as possible,” Mover stated. “That way we prep the surface for the next group of taggers.”

Bulk purchases of spray paints are being reported by many hardware stores throughout Vermont. Mary Colors, owner of Winooski Tagging Supply Co. LLC, says, “We expect overpasses on I-89 and I-189 to be embellished with artwork in the near future. We have requested these modern Picassos mention our firm’s name on the piece if possible, as it provides free advertising as well.” Colors indicated company attorney Hye Court believes this would not be a violation of the billboard ban.

We interviewed one tagger who would only identify themselves as Yogi45Krylon who appreciates the new rules and hopes they will be extended to all state owned properties. “We no longer have to hide in the shadows, and we have some plans for a mass tagging of the VTRANS headquarters building. In the meantime watch, for our work on highways and bridges.”

Krylon also spoke about the dangers of tagging, and what the state can do to help. “We are requesting that AOT put up Work Zone signs when we are tagging. After all, fines double and the state can gain badly needed revenue.”

VTRANS sign manager Stan Post told us that they are contemplating “Tagging Zone” designations and plan to ask for Legislative approval of fines being tripled in tagging zones. The tagging minority have also put out a request that the name The Green Mountain State be changed to The Graffiti State, but noted that even if they nickname remained the same on signage, they would probably paint over it anyway.

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