No Gubernatorial Debates in Vermont?

MONTPELIER – A spokesperson for Governor Phil Scott says that any suggestion of a gubernatorial debate will be discarded. Czeh B’Allot, Scott’s Isle LaMotte organizer, states “Phil Scott is Vermont’s Governor. There is no other Governor to debate unless it is someone like Chris Sununu or Andrew Cuomo as both are Governors.”

According to State Political Historian Mae Kinnestry here is no such thing as a “Gubernor.” This was also pointed out by former U.S. Senator Aiken who, when asked if he was considering a gubernatorial run, said “No, I don’t want to be a Gubernor.” The Scott campaign is using this as one of it’s primary reasons why the state cannot have a gubernatorial debate. Aiken later admitted to being a Goober, but insisted that it was unrelated.

Longtime campaign aide Pat Tronage of Grafton told us that the Governor is perfectly capable of debating himself. “Besides, if it was a self debate he would have no problem maintaining social distancing.” Reporters did observe the Governor talking to himself in his office and reliable sources say he was practicing for the one on one debate with himself.

Vermont PBS says it would carry the self debate live between its ongoing scheduled ‘Rick Steves’ Europe’ fundraising events this fall. Ted Prompter of Vermont PBS says the search is underway for a debate moderator, “However the Scott campaign rejected Mark Zuckerman as host/moderator, so we’re back to square one.”

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