Tourist Family Rescued After Being Trapped In Waterbury Roundabout For Three Days

WATERBURY – It was a scary seventy-two hours for the Wayfarer family of Harlan, Kentucky who recently followed their onboard G.P.S. system into the Waterbury Roundabout. Driving a forty-five foot R.V. from I-89 seeking to proceed south on Route 100, they became caught in what can only be called what Mrs. Wayfarer termed “A Family Circle.”

According to Harlan Wayfarer, “The G.P.S. took us into the circle but never showed us the exit, so around and around we went.” Wayfarer noted that “All those cars and trucks with green plates wouldn’t move aside either.”

After the first 24 hours Mrs. Wayfarer cooked meals for the family, which included their three children. The kids kept asking “Are we there yet?” for upwards of nine hours.

Finally in the third day a postal worker, who had noticed the R.V. circling for days, pulled in front of their camper and stopped them to offer assistance. USPS Carrier Red Flagg told us that Mr. Wayfarer said they don’t have roundabouts in Kentucky. Wayfarer also said he and his wife switched off driving so the other could get some sleep. The Wayfarer Family, along with their two German Shepherds, were soon on their way south via Route 100.

Over at the Agency of Transportation, Archie Circle, Director of Roundabout Development and G.P.S. Positioning, indicated that this is the first time such an incident has been reported, although there was a rumor that a Canadian trucker spent several days in one of the Manchester Roundabouts. Circle indicated that planning is underway for an experimental multi-level and multi-directional rotary at the intersection of Kennedy Drive and Dorset Street in South Burlington. When asked why, Circle indicated A.O.T. has placed a veil of secrecy on the project to avoid protests.

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