Governor Issues New Guidelines on Out-of-State Visitors From North Pole Region

MONTPELIER – Vermont Governor Phil Scott released new guidelines Monday morning that impose some, but not all, of the state’s restrictions on visitors from the North Pole. Thousands of state residents are expected to receive at least one visitor from the North Pole region this week, and Gov. Scott says these new restrictions are for public health and safety reasons related to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The restrictions would allow a visitor from the North Pole to visit a Vermont home, provided that visitor had been quarantined in his workshop for at least one week prior to the visit. Some Vermonters are concerned about the second piece of this restriction, requiring said visitor to quarantine again for one week before visiting any other homes.

“We’re not trying to prevent an elderly man who hasn’t been out of his home in a year from stopping by to drop off a few gifts,” Gov. Scott told press at the announcement, “but we really can’t have anybody, I don’t care who it is, going from house to house, neighborhood to neighborhood, potentially spreading disease and death. Someone who has been quarantining is certainly welcome to come to Vermont, but they are not welcome to visit half the homes in the state.”

The Governor says he will not be enforcing these restrictions with state troopers, but will rely on Vermonters to “do the right thing,” and will take seriously any reports that indicate someone is not being safe. “We have some new planes up in Burlington, and the VT National Guard has assured me they can track a sleigh.”

The Winooski reached out to one North Pole resident who wishes to remain anonymous, and he said he was not concerned with the restrictions.

“Ho, ho, ho, I’m not worried about Governor Scott, he’s a good boy,” said the anonymous man. “I will be visiting Vermont on Christmas Eve, as I have for over a thousand years, and I will be sliding down that first chimney myself. Once I do that, I’ll send one of my helper elves down the other chimneys. I think it will work. I’ve got a s**t ton of elves! Ho, ho ho!”

Many Vermonters say that they do not believe anyone from the North Pole is coming anyway, but will certainly keep an eye out for devout religious people who feel that “the rules do not apply to them.”