Vermonters Concerned That 2021 is Eerily Similar to 2020

WINOOSKI – After having lived through several days of 2021, some Vermonters are expressing concerns that the year resembles 2020 more closely than they expected. Citing evidence such as “still have to wear a mask,” “still can’t see my friends,” and “still pretty fat,” the concerned citizens are taking to social media to complain about the sudden inertia.

“What the hell!” tweeted Winooski native @grnmtns4ever. “2021 was supposed to be my year! All my problems are still here! #wtf2021”

Others started using the hashtag #wtf2021 to add their observations about the lack of progress so far displayed by the new year.

“It’s 2021, so how come I’m still broke and unemployed?” asked @fortniteethanallen.

Many residents seem to be under the assumption that 2020 was a year of bad luck, rather than the culminating avalanche of previous decisions that will have long-term future effects.

“How are COVID deaths still rising? It’s 2021! #wtf2021” tweeted @skience83.

The majority of the anger seems centered on the pandemic, with significant attention paid also to resentment about employment, personal finances, health, and the environment.

“2021 already sucks,” tweeted @couchabungavt, “I gave it a few days and there was no improvement. Guess I gotta sit back and wait for 2022.”

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