Skiers Won’t Have to Hold It In

KILLINGTON – Vermont ski resorts are desperately seeking ways to
to attract skiers notwithstanding the Governor’s strict COVID precautions. The common watch word these days is that this ski season is “your car is your lodge.” This provides a major dilemma for most- how to go to the bathroom without going into the lodge?

Help is on the way thanks to a new Vermont certified B-Corp.- SIS, Inc.
Currently under production using all locavore and organic material are “Ski-In-Pee-Ins.” All the Vermont ski areas have put in orders and delivery is hoped for by the middle of January. There is no truth to the rumor that SIS, Inc. is being funded through EB-5 investors who had money left from the Jay Peak fiasco. Rather, the initial money is from a Vermont only Kickstarter campaign.

The “Ski-In-Pee-In” is a small, enclosed, bathroom that will be placed on the side of ski trails. It is heated and has conveniently located basket for gloves and other ski accessories. It also has a high-tech air filtration to prevent any COVID spread.

Skiers will enter the “Ski-In-Pee-In” by walking up to the entrance. The Ski-In-Pee-In has a sensor so only one person is allowed in at any-time. (No equivalent of a-mile-high black diamond hook up allowed).

The door will automatically open and then lock when skiers press an “occupied” button on the inside of the door. The skiers will ski inside onto a foamy, soft surface similar to that used on the “Magic Carpet”. The skier will ski into the middle of the small room, and place either of their skis on lines indicated on the floor. This will trigger a compostable toilet that rises from the floor to be between the legs of the skier.

When the skier is finished, they press a “finish” button and the toilet back recesses back into the ground. Hand sanitizer made by Vermont distillery’s will be available. An automatic cleaner will scrub the toilet and spray down the inside of the hut. The skier will ski out a door on the other side and continue skiing! When the door on the other side opened, it would release the “occupied” button so that the next skier could enter.

The huts are not compatible to snowboarders, but the company is confident that with the boarder demographic so young they will be able to wait until they return home.

SIS out has signed an exclusive contract with Vermont only ski resorts as consideration of a large grant from the Vermont tourism association.

As soon as the “Ski In Pee Ins” are operational this reporter will test drive and review, including the “undercarriage sealant” option.

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