Trump Claims Biden Inauguration Has Smallest Attendance in Modern History

WASHINGTON – Former President Donald Trump claimed today that Current US President Jo Biden’s inauguration had the smallest crowd size in recent years, and that Trump’s own inauguration had far higher attendance. Trump did not reference the fact that no crowds were allowed to attend the event this year due to security concerns created by himself and the ongoing global pandemic.

“Saw the crowd’s at China Joe’s fake inauguration today. So small! Mine was so much bigger. Huge!” Trump tweeted under the name @realerdonaldtrump. The tweet was quickly taken down and the account banned, as the former president has been from the platform.

A few minutes after the tweet has been taken down, another tweet appeared, this time from @evenrealerdonaldturmp, an apparent misspelling due either to haste, or to fool the social media platform. The new tweet read, “Number of people at my inauguration: 100 million. Number of people out today: zero. I wonder which is bigger?” The tweet was up for only about fifteen seconds until the tweet was removed and the new account banned.

Representatives for Donald Trump were unavailable to comment as they have all resigned.

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