Experts Confirm Kanye West and Taylor Swift Involved in “Freaky Friday” Situation

A team of doctors and psychologists have confirmed what many have suspected over the past week: rapper Kanye West and singer Tayor Swift have switched bodies. The team that released the findings have been calling it a Freaky Friday situation, a reference to the popular 1976 film and its 2003 remake in which a mother and a daughter swap bodies for a short time.

No one is certain how long the condition will last, or even what caused it, as this is the first real-world case of accidental body-swapping on record, but both artists have confirmed privately that they are in new bodies, although both are trying to make the best of it.

“We figured something was wrong with Kanye when he started actin’ all conservative and s***,” said one of West’s close friends. “Talkin’ about going to meet the president, sayin’ how all lives matter and s***. That ain’t right, right? But then we saw the lyrics to his latest single he’s been workin’ on. Somethin’ like: When everyone else hated/You took a chance and dated/And for a time I sated/But now you call me overrated. I mean, I’m pretty sure Ye has no idea what ‘sated’ means. We all knew something was off.”

Sources close to Swift also confirm strange behavior over the past few weeks, suddenly binge-watching old seasons of Keeping up with the Kardshians, using the ‘n’ word more often than usual, and, in the most off-putting moments, trying to convince her friends and family that Kanye West was not that bad.

“It was terrifying,” said Swift’s mother Andrea. “She actually said Kanye West should maybe get more respect, musically. That’s when I called the doctors.”

The public began noticing the inconsistencies in their personalities more recently, as West visited the White House to chat with President Trump and Swift encouraged all citizens to vote in the upcoming elections while condemning systemic racism. At last we have an answer to our first questions, although now we are left with some bigger ones. Will they ever revert to their original bodies, and could it happen to anyone else?