Local Satire Site Sued by Town of Mt. Tabor Over Speed Limit Article

MT. TABOR – Vermont’s premiere local satire site The Winooski is being sued by the town of Mt. Tabor after a joke article was published about speed limits in the town of Danby. According to the completely made-up article that, despite this sentence being read, many readers will believe to be fact, the town of Danby’s reliance on catching speeders had backfired and caused the town to go bankrupt. Now the town of Mt. Tabor is claiming that they are far worse than Danby, and ought to be the target of ridicule.

The paperwork filed in the suit claims “gross neglect on the part of The Winooski” for targeting Danby instead of Mt. Tabor. “Mt. Tabor has worked hard to be the most predatory section of Route 7 in the state, and our officer works far harder and writes more tickets than any officer in Danby.”

Some of the confusion may have come from where exactly the town line divides the state highway, as Route 7 runs right along the border of the two towns, with the northern section of the road being in Danby and the southern portion crossing over into Mt. Tabor. According to the lawsuit, the constable in the old blue four door who waits in the parking lot of McClellan’s Garage at US Route 7 and Depot Street near the Danby-Mt. Tabor town line picks off northbound drivers before they reach Danby.

The editors of The Winooski released a statement denying any wrongdoing, and claiming that many towns along Route 7, including Brandon, Mt. Tabor, Wallingford, and many others have artificially reduced speed limits for the purposes of town revenue. They assert that the article was meant to be indicative of a larger issue and not focused on any one town in particular, and also it was all made-up and labeled satire anyway, so what’s the problem, and please stop yelling at them.

Mt. Tabor is seeking damages from the site in the amount of $47 for publishing the article, plus $5 for each reader of the article up to ten readers, $6 for each additional reader up to twenty readers, $7 for each additional reader up to thirty, and so on.

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  1. Sorry, I just read it. Another $5. I might have to up my Patreon donation to make up for the trouble I’ve caused.

  2. Someone need to sue the state of Vermont and the Vermont dot as well as mt tabor For interfering with interstate commerce and harassment on a state highway

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