VT Confirms First Case of Online Covid-19

MENDON – The C.I.T. (Centers For Internet Transmissions) has verified the first internet virus transmission of Covid-19 on a Snap Chat posting in Mendon, Vermont. The poster was unaware that the novel coronavirus could be transmitted in a place with such spotty internet, and did not use appropriate filters. Some sixteen million posts between March 1 and March 3, 2020 have now been quarantined to a disinfected cloud server.

The C.I.T. expressed concerns over viral infection of PCs, tablets and cell phones worldwide. The first victim was “Alexa” who exhibited symptoms of coughing, high module temperature, and breath sounds when asked to engage Snap Chat. Some 800 Alexas in the Green Mountain State have been tested due to wireless contact potential. State Health Commissioner Dr. Makim Twitter, recommended that internet users place a precautionary mask on their Facebook logins. Direct text message contact should be avoided if possible but 20-second hand washing will help if one absolutely has to text.

The C.I.T. notified state officials that Mr. Clean is ineffective against this internet transmission. As a precautionary measure Instagram has suspended text sharing and instituted a user isolation app. There has been no indication of email spread of the Covid-19, however the Scott Administration warned residents not to open emails that appear suspicious, particularly from Snap Chat friends.

Vermont Information Technology Chief Block Server, PHD., says use of Purell or Aloe on electronic screens is not recommended. So far GPS messaging and Google Maps are unaffected. For those who thumb type, gloves or thumb thimbles are a preventive measure. Of course not chatting online at all is the foremost protection. One should also avoid, at all costs, reading satirical articles of any kind.