Woman Acquitted of Assaulting Guest Who Touched Her Thermostat

HALIFAX – A woman in southern Vermont was acquitted yesterday of assaulting a houseguest who turned up the thermostat to 70 degrees. Astrid Kyligt of Halifax was arrested only last week and quickly tried in Windham County Superior Court for the crime of aggravated assault against her husband’s cousin, who had been visiting from Florida. When temperatures dipped below 55 degrees Fahrenheit one evening, Hugh Jarror turned the heat on in the home. Kyligt then attacking Jarror with her fists and feet until her husband was able to pull her away and turn the heat back off.

The judge heard testimony from both Jarror and Kyligt, and asked what date the incident had occurred. When it was revealed that Jarror had turned the heat on in the month September, the judge ruled that Kyligt’s actions were reasonable, and ordered Jarror to pay any heating costs resulting from his egregious crime against the Kyligt family.

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