Vermonters Complain Apocalyptic Thor: Ragnarok is “Too Realistic”

WILLISTON – As Marvel Studios’ latest film races to the top of the box office this weekend, many local movie-goers are complaining that the film is too realistic for their tastes. The third installment in the Thor movie franchise focuses on the Norse concept of Ragnarok, the twilight of the gods and the death of all that is.

“I just wanted an escape, you know?” laments Williston resident Chris H., who saw the film on Friday night at the Majestic 10 Theaters. “But the movie is basically about the end of the world, everything going to hell, literally, and I was like, if I wanted to see that I could have just stayed home and watched the news.”

“Yeah, I was hoping for something a little more fantastic,” said Essex resident Cate B. “Instead it was filled with powerful women kicking ass, and whole nations on the verge of collapse, just like the real world. I mean, I guess it was a little funnier than real life? But next time I go to the movies I want to see something fictional, like a world that is not about to end.”

The movie is poised to make over $100M this weekend, despite the concerns that Ragnarok is heavily based on current events.